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Code Of Conduct


The existing company rules and regulations herein displayed are published to ensure that they are adhered to by all employees. It is the responsibility of all employees to be familiar with and to observe all rules, regulations and conditions as ignorance thereof will not be accepted as a valid excuse for transgression. An employee who contravenes any rules, regulation, condition, or instruction, or knowingly permits a contravention to take place shall be subject to such disciplinary measures as circumstances may warrant, in accordance with the Company Disciplinary Code and Procedure.

The Company Rules and Regulations may be amended from time to time by Management in order to suit prevailing circumstances.


Employees are expected at all times to behave in a manner which will not reflect discredit on the Company. Employees shall be subject to disciplinary action in the      event of poor or unacceptable work performance, which shall include below average performance, poor quality, and not meeting acceptable targets. Employees shall be subject to disciplinary action where a pattern of recurring minor offences or poor behavior or performance emerges. Such minor offences when taken in isolation may not warrant disciplinary action, but when taken together are of such magnitude that, in the opinion or Management, make disciplinary action necessary. Employees shall carry out their duties diligently and in the best interests of the Company. Any Employee found sleeping during working hours shall be subject to disciplinary action.   


An Employee who is absent without authorized leave for any period may be liable for disciplinary action, including summary dismissal. In all cases of unavoidable absence, including sickness, Employees shall Notify Management of their inability to work as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours.


Employees shall obey all reasonable instructions of their supervisors with regard to the work and duties assigned to them, and shall perform such work faithfully and diligently. Should a grievance be felt with regard to any instruction, then Representation may be made to Management through The GrievanceProcedure, but first instance the instruction shall be obeyed. Refusal to carry out contractual duties may result in disciplinary action inclusive of summary dismissal.


Employees shall be at their work places at the respective stipulated starting times. Employees may render themselves liable to disciplinary action including Dismissal, if their timekeeping is not satisfactory. Poor timekeeping encompasses regular lateness and unexplained or poorly explained one or two day absences. No employee shall leave the job or workplace until the time authorized for ceasing work.

Employees shall not permit other employees to record their time and no employee shall temper with the clock card system.


An employee shall be subject to disciplinary action if s/he is found to be unable or unfit to perform his/her normal duties where such inability is caused by the employee’s personal negligence e.g. intoxication, criminal involvement, self-affiliated injury, etc.


No employee shall possess or consumes alcohol intoxicants, illegal drugs or medication on the company premises. No employee in a state of intoxication or any other condition which may render that employee incapable of taking care of him/her or of persons and/or equipment and machinery under his/her charge shall be allowed into or onto the premises of the company. Any member of company personnel who suspects another employee of being intoxicated or in an unfit state endeavor to prevent such employee from entering the company’s premises, failing which the matter must be reported to management.


No employee shall be dishonest in the performance of his duties. Dishonesty shall include unauthorized possession of company property (inclusive of the property of fellow employees), falsification and/or destruction of records, abuse of clocking procedures. No property belonging to, or being the responsibility of the company, or articles under the control of the company, shall be removed from any area within the premises of the company without the written authorization of management.

Management reserves the right to arrange for any or all employees and their possessions or property whilst on company property, to be searched by an authorized person, and all employees shall, if called upon, submit to being searched.


An employee shall be subject to disciplinary action where it is proved that he/she is guilty of negligence or damage to company property, or a fellow employee’s property. Payment for damages to company property may be claimed from an employee in the event of such damage arising from willful intent and/or gross negligence.


Company safety rules shall be adhered to by all employees at all times. No employee shall engage in acts of horseplay. There shall be no smoking in any smoking zones.


No employee shall drive a company vehicle without the necessary authorization. All vehicles shall be driven with due caution and in safe and acceptable manner. Mileage abuse will not be tolerated and any employee found utilizing company vehicles for private usage will be subject to disciplinary action.Payment for damages to company vehicles and/or mileage abuse may be claimed from an employee in the event of such damage and/or abuse arising from willful intent and/or gross negligence.


Excessive demonstration of political ideology at work and the unauthorized display of political emblems are unacceptable practice.


No employee shall assault or abuse another employee, client or passenger of the company either physically or verbally.


No employee shall be insubordinate or insolent to any member of management, fellow employees, client or passengers of the company. Employees shall not engage in acts of striking, intimidation, the retardation of work or any other act which interferes detrimentally with the business of the company, and in such event will be liable for summary dismissal.


Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules and regulations, an employee may be liable for summary dismissal should he/she commits the following offence:

•             assault

•             intimidation

•             absence without leave

•             unpunctuality

•             serious incompetence

•             gross negligence

•             insubordination and disrespect

•             intoxicants

•             dishonesty

•             disregard for safety rules

•             damage to goods and property

•             unauthorized possession of goods and property

•             Transgression of any law could constitute a criminal offence