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Site Hazard Assessment


  • Prior to the commencement of the Work on Site, the SHE Officer will perform an assessment of the known high-risk hazards associated with the Site that could arise during the Contractor’s Site mobilization and preparation, using HSE Form B: Site Hazard Assessment Form (or an equivalent form approved by the Client) and provide a copy to the company management. The Contractor will complete the form to identify any additional hazards specific to the Work and describe the specific barriers and work methods to be employed to control all identified hazards and will provide a copy to the Client for review and comment.
  • The Contractor will be responsible for controlling the hazards and implementing the specific barriers and work methods identified in the completed Site Hazards Assessment Form.
  • The Contractor will ensure that all hazard controls and barriers are in place and functional prior to commencement of the Work, and are maintained and functional at all times until completion of the Work.


  • The Contractor employees will participate in a Site safety orientation meeting conducted by the SHE Officer prior to the commencement of the Work. This safety orientation meeting is mandatory for the Contractor's employees and Subcontractors’ supervisors and all personnel who will be on the Site during the onset phase of the Work. This orientation will be Site and Work specific and will identify the limits of the safe working area and all known high-risk hazards, safety issues and restrictions, and the Site emergency response plan.
  • Afterwards, during execution of the Work on Site, Contractor will conduct Site safety orientation meetings for new Contractor’s employees and Subcontractor personnel prior to them starting to work and provide the Client written confirmation that these meetings have taken place.