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Daily Job Safety Plan(s)


  • At the start of each work shift and prior to commencement of any Work on Site, each of Contractor work crews will prepare a Daily Job Safety Plan, where all individual employees and working crews assess the critical safety issues pertaining to the work shift. The Contractor will provide the Client with a copy of all Daily Job Safety Plans.
  • The Daily Job Safety Plan will identify the sequence of tasks to be completed and the high-risk hazards and medium-risk hazards that may be present related to each task. The plan will include a barrier analysis that identifies the control barriers, safety barriers and support barriers required for each hazard. If the work conditions pertaining to the work shift change giving rise to new safety issues Contractor will revise the Daily Job Safety Plan before executing anymore work.
  • Every worker will adhere to the requirements of each applicable Daily Job Safety Plan.


The Contractor will conduct Site safety meetings with its employees at least weekly or as requested by the Client. These meetings should last approximately 45 minutes and may be attended by the Client. The minutes of the meetings shall be forwarded to the Client within 3 working days of the meeting.


The Contractor will participate in a closing meeting with the Client to complete an evaluation of Contractor’s performance. The meeting will in part assist the Client to determine whether or not, or under what circumstances the Contractor may be considered for future work.