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Incident Response And Reporting


In the event of an accident resulting in an injury to the Contractor’s employee, a Client’s employee, or a member of the public, or in the event of a potentially high-risk incident, the Contractor will:

  • Stop work,
  • Secure the Site to ensure the protection of employees and the public and to aid with the investigation,
  • Report the incident immediately to the Client,
  • Provide notice to the proper authorities.

The Contractor will complete a thorough investigation of any incident occurring during performance of the Work, whether or not the incident resulted in an occupational injury or illness to a Contractor’s employee, a Client’s employee or member of the public, or in property damage. The Contractor will provide the Client with a detailed written report of its findings.

The Contractor will assist the Client in any investigation the Client may undertake related to any incident, and in the implementation of any action plans relating to the incident.