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The Client has the authority and the Contractor has the obligation to stop the Work whenever in the opinion of either party such stoppage may be necessary to ensure the safety of a life, or any equipment, structure or property. This includes the authority to make changes and to order the Contractor to stop working.


The Contractor will employ in and about the execution of the Work only such persons as are careful, competent and efficient in their respective trades and callings. The Client is at liberty to object to and to require the Contractor to remove from the Site forthwith any person employed by the Contractor in or about the execution of the Work who, in the opinion of the Client, conducts himself inappropriately, is incompetent or negligent in the performance of its duties, or does not comply with applicable legislation, these Classic Clean Health and Safety Obligations, including the Project Safety Plan or the Daily Job Safety Plans. Such person will not be employed again at the Work Site without the prior written consent of the Client.


  • The Contractor will comply with all laws, bylaws and regulations and with the instructions of the Client with respect to fires and prevention of fires.
  • The Contractor will provide and maintain portable fire extinguishing equipment and such equipment will remain at Site until all Work is completed and accepted by the Client.
  • The Contractor will comply with all fire prevention requirements of the municipality and the Client, and will have at all times personnel at the Site who are experienced in the use of the prescribed equipment.
  • The Contractor will report immediately any escaped fires to the local municipality and to the Client.


  • When the Contractor is shipping to Site, or from Site, or planning to use at Site, any product which is categorized as a hazardous material or dangerous good, Contractor will conform to the relevant statutory, provincial or state legislation and regulations pertaining to such materials. All such materials and their transport containers and/or vehicles will be properly identified with the required warning labels.
  • The Contractor will provide the Client with one copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each hazardous material brought on to a Site.
  • Upon completion of the Work or when a particular product is no longer required on Site, whichever will occur first, Contractor will remove all remaining quantities of the product and all empty containers.
  • Hazardous material or dangerous goods will not be disposed of through the Client’s waste management system or on the Client’s or third party’s property (except for approved and appropriate waste disposal sites).
  • Hazardous material or dangerous goods will not be left on-site or with the Client without the prior written consent of the Client.